Atlantic Cod

The Atlantic cod is appreciated worldwide for its juicy and white flesh, its mild flavour and its versatility in the kitchen. This is what makes it a local favourite on our Gold Coast fish and chips menu.

The Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) is one of the most well-known fish around the world and is appreciated for its great flavour, firm meat and umami flavour. The meat from the Atlantic cod around Greenland has time to fully develop the intense and slightly sweet flavour, because the cold and clean surroundings make the cod grow more slowly than elsewhere.

Whenever possible, Mudgeeraba Seafoods use Royal Greenland’s Atlantic cod.

Living mainly in the North Atlantic Sea and the Barents Sea, the Atlantic Cod is easily recognisable by the characteristic beard on the jaw and the beautifully speckled skin that changes colour, depending on the bottom conditions in its living area. It typically lives near the bottom at depths of between 50 and 200 metres and has a strong preference for cold water at around 2-10°C.

The Atlantic Cod reaches sexual maturity when it is between two and four years old, but due to its cold surroundings, the cod can be up to eight years old before it is ready to spawn.

Fishing for Atlantic cod can be classed as inshore and offshore.  Inshore, the Atlantic cod is caught primarily with pound nets, whilst Offshore fishing for Atlantic cod uses trawl.

The Atlantic cod is probably the best-known fish in the world and has been popular since the Middle Ages. It is a family favourite across the world due to its versatility in terms of cooking methods, as well as its delicate flavour. The Atlantic cod has an almost ideal distribution of fat, proteins and calories, is high in selenium, vitamin B12 and B6, and has a touch of omega-3 fatty acid.

Firm, white, flaky and mild, Cod really doesn’t  need any added ingredients to make a tasty meal. However, Cod also works well as a base for other flavours and is absolutely amazing with an Asian twist by topping fillets with a mixture of soy sauce, ginger, spring onion and a little fresh squeezed orange or lime.

COD, when prepared by the team at Mudgeeraba Seafoods,  may be coated in our Famous Fish Batter, Crumbed, Poached or Grilled with Butter, Garlic and Herbs.

The Poms love our Cod and Crunchy Chips!

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