Atlantic Cod

seafood menu alaskan cod - fish and chips gold coast

The Atlantic cod is appreciated worldwide for its juicy and white flesh, its mild flavour and its versatility in the kitchen. This is what makes it a local favourite on our Gold Coast fish and chips menu. The Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) is one of the most well-known fish around the world and is appreciated for … Read more


fresh calamari - fish and chips gold coast

The word calamari comes from the Italian word for “squid.” This is where the name of the popular appetizer on many Italian and Australian seafood restaurants comes from. There are even a few spin-off versions of this dish, such as the Asian “salt and pepper fried squid” found on many bar menus. While many Mediterranean … Read more


seafood menu hoki

Hoki are caught year-round with the main season being June to September, particularly off the West Coast of New Zealand. Hoki generally live beyond the shelf edge and are most abundant between 300 to 600 metres. Adult fish have been found at depths from 50 metres down to 900 metres. The juveniles often live in … Read more

Blue Eye Trevalla

Blue Eye Trevalla (often referred to, incorrectly, as Blue Eye Cod) are one of the most highly prized table fish in the country! Not to be confused with Trevally, the Blue Eye’s firm white flesh is moist and tender, making the Trevalla not only one of the finest tasting fish in our oceans but also … Read more

Orange Roughy / Deep Sea Perch

seafood menu perch / orange roughy - fish and chips gold coast

The Orange Roughy is a predatory species that lives on deep seamounts (undersea mountains) in most ocean basins around the world. This species, also known as the Atlantic Roughy, is one of the longest living marine fish species, with individuals living for more than 100 years. Orange Roughy is Wild Caught in Australian and is also Imported from … Read more

Our Cooking Oil

cotton seed oil

Oils ain’t oil – the fact is that most Fish & Chip shops cook with beef based fats & oils. however Mudgeeraba Seafoods use only Cottonseed Oils – which are Gluten Free and Cholesterol free. COTTONSEED OIL is made in Australia from local and imported ingredients, The oil is a heavy- duty with a neutral … Read more

Goldband Snapper

goldband snapper

Goldband Snapper are deep water fish inhabiting tropical and sub-tropical waters. They are schooling fish and live in areas of hard, rocky and uneven sea floor and steep drop-offs. They prefer deeper waters and can be found in depths of 40-250m. They can grow to 90 cm and weigh in excess of 8 kg and … Read more


seafood menu flake

Flake is a term used in Australia to indicate the flesh of any of several species of small shark, particularly the gummy shark. The term probably arose in the late 1920s when the large-scale commercial shark fishery off the coast of Victoria was established. The name flake is commonly used as a name for any type of shark … Read more


seafood menu basa - fish and chips gold coast

With the name Basa, one might think it’s related to bass; and like bass, it is a freshwater fish, but it’s not related to that species. It is a type of catfish and its Latin name is Pangasius Bocourti. Basa, also known as Dory, Swai and a few other names, is native to Southeast Asia. … Read more

Barramundi – also known as PASSION FISH

seafood menu barramundi

A significant number of commonly used Australian English words have been borrowed from Aboriginal languages and dialects. Barramundi are usually found in tropical waters. Around the globe, they’re also known as Asian sea bass or giant perch. ‘Barramundi’ comes from the Gangulu language group in Central Queensland  and means ‘Large scale river fish’ and in … Read more

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