Fish & Chips

We’ve introduced thousands of people to the unique taste of our New Zealand Hoki fish and chips which can be served battered, crumbed or grilled with herb and garlic butter or cooked to suit your dietary requirements.

But what makes our “battered” fish and chips so good? And what can be said about the luxuriousness of good old “Battered” Fish & Chips!

The papery rustle of chips, the exquisite crunch of crisp batter, the little puff of steam, bearing the sweet promise of fresh white flesh that escapes as you break through the batter carapace for the first time, the slippery portions of hot, lucent white fish slipping between your fingers into your mouth, the tang of lemon, the rasp of salt, the gloss of oil on your lips – Yummy Oooohh!!

There really is nothing else to say!

No wonder fish & chips remains one of, if not the, most popular street food in Australia. It is a national dish, eaten by those of high and low estate with equal gusto and pleasure!

COVID-19 NOTICE: Due to COVID-19 we have had to change the way we treat our Takeaway Seafood and Burger operation.